Oakland, CA 94607




2007 – BFA Pratt Institute



Co-director and curator – S.H.E.D. Projects



2014 – Something Other Than – The Hills Esthetic Center, Chicago

Family Resemblance – Important Projects, Oakland

S E E M l e s s – City Limits Gallery, Oakland

2013 – Modelslist (Organized by Lucia della Paolera and Sam Ashford) – 65 ST. Felix, Brooklyn

Practicing to Pretend – Alter Space, San Francisco

2011 – Cheap Trick Part II : Jonah Susskind and Zefrey Throwell – Queen’s Nails Projects, San Francisco

Static Quo: recent works by Jonah Susskind – Bluxome Point, San Francisco

YOU ARE HERE: Projects in (de)Tourism – The Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York, NY

Inter Easter Egg – Bluxome Point, San Francisco

2010 – The Post 9/11 Show – NOMA Gallery, San Francisco

2009 – Speculative Frontiers – Light Industry, Brooklyn

2008 – Jonah Susskind – New Other Other World, San Francisco

2007 – BFA – New York Center for Art and Media Studies



2011 – Division of Labor – The Lab, San Francisco

Inter Easter Egg – Bluxome Point, San Francisco

BIOS_FEAR – Hi-Lite Project Space, Los Angeles

2010 – The Post 9/11 Show – NOMA Gallery, San Francisco

War is Comedy – The Lab, San Francisco



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